Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hammerhead - Load King 7"

Hammerhead were one of the few shiny spots in an otherwise turd of a musical decade, known as the '90s. Originally from Fargo, N. Dakota, they relocated to Minneapolis to follow their dreams as noise rock superstars (or to be closer to the ghosts of Husker Du, Princes' Paisley Park studios and the once a year drunken, Halo of Flies practices...). They eventually hooked up with Tom Hazelmeyers Amphetamine Reptile and released almost all of their recorded output through him and the label.

Paul Sanders (aka Stingray/Interloper, if you prefer), the guitar player, left in 1995. He was replaced and the group dissolved a year later. Jeff Mooridian (aka Sauce/Isolation dh-9) and Paul Erickson (aka Apollo Liftoff) quickly formed VAZ and continue to this day. Recently, they've reformed to play some shows and released a 7"/digital download, that's pretty true to their original sound.

This particular record is my favorite from their vast, and consistently fucking great,discography. It was some sort of limited tour deal (not sure how many?) and was sold only at their shows. The cover is a two colored, silkscreened affair that's 3/4 sleeve, like the old Dangerhouse records releases and it's pressed on gray,marbled vinyl. Both of these songs are rawer, earlier versions that were later re-recorded and came out on different releases,ethereal killer lp and evil twin ep, respectively.

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