Monday, September 19, 2011

METAL DUNGEON - Blut Summen cassette

This could be and should be the score for every slasher gore genre film from the 70's and 80's that wasn't going to make it out of the grindhouse. METAL DUNGEON's minimalist industrial is the most dark, evil, stark sounding shit I have ever heard. Not only is this noise creepy as fuck it is punishing and harsh. Maybe they watched Rose Mary's Baby drowned out by white noise trippin on shrooms one too many times.

Largely inspired by Maurizio Bianchi METAL DUNGEON have made themselves indentured servants to his sound. MD is unrelenting in their paying of homage to Bianchi with continuous output that always bares his influence. I am even guessing that Blut Summen, loosely translated to Blood Hum, is also a nod to to MB's Blut Und Nebel (Blood And Fog) remix series.

That being said, the first thing that always comes to my mind when I listen to METAL DUNGEON is Riz Ortolani. Well the songs Adulteress' Punishment and Massacre Of The Troupe Ortolani composed for the infamous film CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Only METAL DUNGEON removes the orchestral parts from Ortolani and cranks the drone to unsurpassed brutality with electronic hell screams layered over top. Seriously there are sounds coming out of this cassette that are like cows writhing in knocker boxes at the slaughterhouse as they suffocate on their own blood!

All total you get 27 minutes of demented and evil sounding shit released by the defunct Nurse Etiquette cassette label. I can't recall when this was released exactly... 2007? There is also a mystery number run of Blut Summen. Somewhere in the land of 40 to 70 copies.


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