Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EL-P Presents Featuring THE BLUE SERIES CONTINUUM - Sunrise Over Bklyn one sided 10" single

If you know EL-P you are aware of his beginnings with COMPANY FLOW, his balance of rapper, producer, founder of the Def-Jux label and solo work. EL-P was/is the face and king of independent hip-hop for over a decade. Personally I found his most outstanding asset was his innovative and progressive production. I listen to Fan Dam Plus more than Fantastic Damage.
GURU - Jazzmatazz from 1993 may be the first and most notable collaboration between jazz and hip-hop artists. In 2003 EL-P stepped outside the world of hip-hop with his production skills and inspiration from his jazz fanatic father in tow. He connected with MATHEW SHIPP, pianist and art director for the Blue Series, and Thirsty Ear Records. The following sessions would start with compositions and themes presented by EL-P to the Blue Series artists who would in turn play and improvise upon. Then these recording sessions were tweaked and sprinkled with a little El Producto. This is no banal jazz remix. Sunrise Over Bklyn is a 10 minute epic of progressive jazz that paints landscapes. Close, damn close to so amazing that Godfrey Reggio could have made Phillip Glass take a back seat for the Qatsi trilogy score, used this and still had a masterpiece. That is some big fucking statement. Considering this is just a collaboration I will stand by that.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LA Drugs - One Sided 12"

These Massachusetts kids channel their love/hate for early So. Cal. hardcore and couple it with their musical ineptitude/boredom and come out the other side smelling like some "No New York", no wave castoffs. The shrieking,fuzzed out,maniacal and outright annoying skronk these miscreants create is pure fucking accidental genius. Like some demented, teenage John Hughes movie, but imagine if you replaced the protagonists heartache and misunderstanding with frustration,broken musical equipment, and solvent abuse and had Richard Kern directing; now you have an idea where this is coming from. "I'm not a nerd, I'm just on dope" indeed.

From the Decline of Western Civilisation samples to the Redd Kross-alike promo shots and the Sin 34 cover (sinful youth), these smart asses could've christened their lp "This is L.A., not Boston, Asshole" and not gotten the crap kicked outta them in after school detention by the mowhawk/dirtbag/av club crowd.

Originally self-released as a CD-R in 2002, it eventually found it's way to vinyl via Bostons Twisted Village record store/label. It was also supposedly released as a cassette around the same time period. Free your mind, punk..........

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Monday, August 29, 2011

BORIS vs. STUPID BABIES GO MAD Damaged split 10"

Japanese battle of the bands on vinyl! Actually this is more of a fun project part of the Damaged series. If you haven't been tipped off this is a homage to BLACK FLAG and their Damaged LP. The tribute to Damaged doesn't extend beyond the packaging design. I must admit the packaging on this split is over the top. The sleeve is this transparency type thing that is translucent with the BLACK FLAG bars on it and the 10" is a picture disc that appears to be shattered like the mirror on the cover of Damaged. Before you even put the record on you can't help but take a minute to admire the amazing effort put into making this release look cool as fuck. The addition of a DVD with live footage of both BORIS and STUPID BABIES GO MAD just adds to the perks of this split.
The A side starts with SBGM playing a BORIS cover, Ibitsu. It sounds like they run through the song twice or once and then just take Ibitsu and chop it up doing whatever they want with it. It is hard to tell if this is meant to be 2 tracks or 3. I have split it into to 2 tracks. There is no track listings anywhere so I suppose the SBGM side is still up for debate on what the hell is going on. Despite doing a BORIS cover this still sounds unmistakably like a STUPID BABIES GO MAD original keeping in line SBGM's So. Cal. rock 'n roll hardcore style. What sets this apart for SBGM is this recording is raw and noisy. The vocals are distorted and there is some sort of feedback nearly the entire way through. This nice addition of chaos and noise makes this, if not the most, one of my most favorite STUPID BABIES GO MAD records.
BORIS has the B side doing a cover of Double Vision by SBGM. BORIS adds a thunderous sound compared to the original (surprise, surprise). Starting off slow, gloomy and heavy before picking up into faster punk tempos and finally collapsing into squiggly guitar leads building to a gigantic wall of sound in the end.
1,500 copies pressed by Diwphalanx Records in 2007  <-----refreshed link 8/12

Friday, August 26, 2011


There isn't much about the SCREAMERS I can type you couldn't learn with a quick Google search. One time member Paul Roessler was brother to Kira, BLACK FLAG bassist. That will be the interesting factoid for this post. Suffice to say the SCREAMERS are the most influential punk groups and one of the most important to have never been professionally recorded or put out a proper release. I think the closest you get to a proper release is some of the Target Video stuff. It is all bootlegged recordings, live concerts and demos for the SCREAMERS. To get a better understanding of what I mean check a discography of sorts HERE.
This month marking the eleventh anniversary of SCREAMERS front man Tomata du Plenty's passing due to cancer I felt it right to up a bunch of SCREAMERS recordings.
Inside there are 45 songs including the '77-'78 demo sessions recorded by GEZA X, Live At The Masque, Dec. '78 and the rest is a mish mash collection of some of the best recordings from wherever.
1977-1978 DEMOS


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BOOM BOOM KID - Con Amor Para: Ricardo Valenzuela 7" single

Keeping in line with the lack of a line in BOOM BOOM KID's music this record fits right in. BBK has more to throw at you than a major league pitcher. Expanding on prior band FUN PEOPLE hailing from Argentina, BOOM BOOM KID is wildly unpredictable. They can play anything from punk to goofy experimental tunes to pop to thrashing hardcore to bolero... An equally exciting live show just reinforces what a diverse, fun and amazing band BBK is. Venues become Carlos Rodriguez's (the man behind BBK) personal jungle gym, feather boas, crowd surfing on boogie boards, glitter and whatever else they have up their sleeve.
Back to how this record fits in with all this wildness. Why it is a tribute to the late rock rhythm and blues singer Richie Valens! If the name Richie Valens doesn't ring a bell his songs do. La Bamba anybody? Richie is also widely known for his death in a plane crash, dubbed The Day The Music Died, along with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper. On the A side BBK presents a straight forward cover of We Belong Together. On the flip side they cover Donna in a BOOM BOOM KID way.
I have seen copies of this with and with out picture sleeves. Released by Rebeldes Unidos Records in 2006

Monday, August 22, 2011

THE CANCER KIDS - Boston Cream 7" single

What little CANCER KIDS songs are out there I hope someday the rest get released. Not even a quarter of the recorded material by CANCER KIDS has been released. These guys are ex-members of BUCKET FULL OF TEETH and one of my favorite fastcore bands. Playing somewhere in the realm of less shows than fingers I have it's not much of a surprise many people aren't familiar with these Massachusetts killers. Years after their 12" release, The Possible Dream, on Youth Attack Records it's still available even at a 700 pressing run. If you're not a dumbass order yourself a copy and check out a sample song from that record.

I have to give credit to Clean Plate Records for being damn ballsy with the Boston Cream release. The most brutal song you may ever hear about donuts clocking a grueling 39 seconds on the A side. The flip is screen printed. Released specifically for a first live show in 5 years and only 150 pressed. You have to really love a band to do a release like that.

Friday, August 19, 2011


The 34'th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death a few days ago brought about the grievances of a friend on the real King of Rock and Roll. I can't agree more. In light of this I had to upload this stalwart. Lets twist: To the King of Rock and Roll, to the King of Voyeurism!
Chess Records (one year shy of 50) 1962.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

STATIC STATIC - Mutations b/w Satanic Speakers 7" single

This California transplant duo serve up their first course on this debut single. Minimalist post/punk/wave/dance combination is the name of the game. STATIC STATIC is John Henry on guitar and vocals and MissMassDestruction working the synthesizer and vocals. They use a drum machine on their records and it somehow works with those heavy rhythm laden songs that in fact may make you want to get up and shake a tail feather. During their live sets they introduce Lesley on drums alongside the drum machine for some extra kick. I don't want you getting scared off thinking these are just some tacky electro pop dance tunes though. The fuzzed out guitar is hard to discern from the synthesizer at times and wails into whirlwind dirges of sound. Add the distorted vocals to what is probably a bedroom recording and the end product is raw enough to keep you from disinterest and rhythmically dance driven in one nice package. STATIC STATIC have crafted their unique notch in the synth punk world without coming across as a SCREAMERS or SUICIDE clone. Two things you can always rely on STATIC STATIC for. 1. Hand silk screened covers of awesome artwork (this record fell a little short in the design department). 2. Pressing stats less than whatever stock you own.
This rip is from the second run on N.P.O. Records with only 150 pressed.
First pressing was done by Babytooth Records. A mere 100 copies. Both presses released in '07.

Monday, August 15, 2011

KURO - Revival Of Death 7"

At some point you may start to believe there is as much mystery surrounding KURO as there is G.I.S.M. Having been bootlegged like they were part of 20's prohibition and their records often coming out years after they were recorded it gets a little confusing with KURO. At least it has been for me. Revival Of Death hits you with two unreleased songs Black Empire and Hell Dive (live). The remainder of the record is a live version No More No and a re-recorded No More No that originally appeared on KURO's Who The Helpless 8" in '84. I hear this record is the result of KURO getting back together in the mid 90's. Not long after this record their singer passed away and that would mark the end for the band. Some people may shrug off KURO over their destructive and violent live performances. I'll let the music do the talking as they tread the line between pummeling noise and fast paced hardcore.
Released by Kings World Records in 1996. Rumored to a limited pressing of 666.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Close to four years dormant I plan to revive this blog. Within the next few weeks I should be up and running again.