Friday, September 9, 2011

TIME HAS COME - s/t 7"

The straight edge jocks in the sing along cover image and the band name itself scream predictable youth crew snooze fest. The throwback posi youth crew and modern era hardcore sound (that didn't really exist yet) usually don't work for me. Despite the foreshadowing album cover I knew somebody from FACE VALUE was in TIME HAS COME so I went out on a limb.

That whopping $1.99 gamble I took ended up being worth it. TIME HAS COME ended up a pleasant surprise. This record lands them in no mans land of their contemporary hardcore bands. TIME HAS COME has the aggression and speed of DOWN IN FLAMES, LIFE'S HALT and 97a meeting the burgeoning new era hardcore akin to BETRAYED, THE FIRST STEP and CHAMPION. The song writing is not entirely predictable nor the lyrics full on cheesy nonsense. They lean more toward the side of modern hardcore sound but overall there is just enough mixing it up to make this a great ep. It is no surprise a record of this nature would appear in the middle of a trend shift in hardcore. The anomaly here is that TIME HAS COME totally nailed it somehow.

Despite this nice debut release TIME HAS COME never received much attention. Getting lost in the fray means great things for you record scroungers. Keep those eyes forever peeled in the dollar bins. TIME HAS COME did another ep and couple of CDs after this. It's been a while since I listened to those but I can't recall them being of the caliber of the s/t.

Released in 1999 in CI Records. 500 copies pressed.


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