Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TV GHOST - s/t (white label) 12"

This isn't the first, and probably not the last, time TV GHOST will be summed up as an amalgamation of the media overload age. If this isn't the case then these Indiana psychos fill up 3x5 cards with band names, genres and adjectives and hang them on the walls of a room. Then they put an autistic kid in the room with 50 darts in his hand and then they run like hell. After spacing out on the tv for an hour, re-enter the room to see where the darts have fallen and get to work writing.

Either way TV GHOST has been making great records since 2007 proving they weren't just an adolescent one off acid trip gone beautifully wrong. Bizarre mic eating lyrics, spastic seizure skronk, post punk jangle, no wave, surf, noise, psychedelia all creep out at you from some dark place of hell. TV GHOST is the party jam for Swamp Thing, The Mummy, Frankenstein's monster and their other ghoulish buddies.

Die Stasi records released this 12" in 2008 and they seemed to have disappeared in as short amount of time as TV GHOST had burst on the scene. This could be a attributed to a low pressing run or TV GHOST had sequestered enough fanfare right off the gate to sell out records in few months. Die Stasi did a repress sometime around 2010 I believe.

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