Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CHEVEU - Belly Blade Visions Demo

Is it drugs? Is it because they're French? Who knows or cares. CHEVEU is all over the map on this demo just as they are with every release they have. CHEVEU pushes and bends the confines of minimalist lo-fi genius. Casio drum beats and quirky guitar riffs are the main force driving in their vast repertoire of styles. With their fingers dipped in waters of post punk, industrial, garage, punk and even forays that beat on the door of hip-hop.

To sum it up CHEVEU is fucking weird and out there. Despite that fact this trio is far more than approachable. This is an odyssey of sound that is easy to get sucked into and walk away from while still shadowing your memory forever. Especially when some of this is so damn catchy with juxtaposing respites of noise. There is nothing tedious about this.

I had to upload this with CHEVEU rolling through town next week on the 20'th @ El Club. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to get out to the show.

Sadly this demo came with no track listing. I didn't bother to try and tag them either because only a few of these songs have been officially released. So I have no clue what the name of 98% of the songs are.

Self released cd-r, 2006

Parisian weirdness.

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