Thursday, September 15, 2011

ANANDA - Habeas Corpus 12"

There was a time before loads of suburban mallrat sceney-boppers all sporting girl jeans, eyeliner and pixie cuts existed. You know who I am talking about. These 17 year old know it all shitheads you just want face smash every time you see one. This new generation of "emo" and "screamo" kids. The ones that somehow distorted the genres of emo and screamo and dragged it through the mud without ever hearing an emo or scremo band into their entire lives! Thanks dicks.

How did emo go from RITES OF SPRING, EMBRACE and RAIN to platinum albums and garbage like TAKING BACK SUNDAY and PARAMORE? Things are so bad that some don't even know it as music. Many only know "emo" as fashion. The same thing has happened to screamo with current puke like HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, THE USED and STORY OF THE YEAR. This annoys the shit out of me if you haven't noticed. It's not just the shitty music. It's mislabeled shitty music. I'd be as quick to want to beat some ass if the masses believed zydeco music to be baroque. (Not that Zydeco or Baroque are shitty.)

Lets go back to the land that time is forgetting and stop the bitching. Remember when screamo was indeed screamo? Myriads of bands like MOHINDER, ONE EYED GOD PROPHECY, SAETIA, REVERSAL OF MAN, ORCHID etc. This is right where the lesser known ANANDA sits. While ANANDA did achieve some recognition in the punk and hardcore scene (and metal later on in their career) a lot of people have still never heard of them. So this post is to shed a little light on their existence.

ANANDA formed in 1994 just outside of Paris France. In their infancy ANANDA was a screamo band with great female vocals. After two releases under their belt, 1995's La Masque and Habeas Corpus they switched vocalists in 1998. This would mark a drastic change in their sound from screamo to heavy gloomy hardcore sludge. ANANDA played out all over France and managed to tour Europe. Their aforementioned obscurity may be attributed that, to the best of my knowledge, they never toured outside of Europe. Sometime in the early 2000's they disbanded or have been extremely inactive.

Habeas Corpus is still a stellar screamo 12" despite the lackluster production. The record is quite scratchy with lots of high end. I do believe several years later a remastered Habeas Corpus was released on CD. I would love to hear this if it is out there. By all accounts I can find Habeas Corpus was recorded in 1995 but not released until 1997 by Unfortunate For The Fortunate Records.



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