Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EL-P Presents Featuring THE BLUE SERIES CONTINUUM - Sunrise Over Bklyn one sided 10" single

If you know EL-P you are aware of his beginnings with COMPANY FLOW, his balance of rapper, producer, founder of the Def-Jux label and solo work. EL-P was/is the face and king of independent hip-hop for over a decade. Personally I found his most outstanding asset was his innovative and progressive production. I listen to Fan Dam Plus more than Fantastic Damage.
GURU - Jazzmatazz from 1993 may be the first and most notable collaboration between jazz and hip-hop artists. In 2003 EL-P stepped outside the world of hip-hop with his production skills and inspiration from his jazz fanatic father in tow. He connected with MATHEW SHIPP, pianist and art director for the Blue Series, and Thirsty Ear Records. The following sessions would start with compositions and themes presented by EL-P to the Blue Series artists who would in turn play and improvise upon. Then these recording sessions were tweaked and sprinkled with a little El Producto. This is no banal jazz remix. Sunrise Over Bklyn is a 10 minute epic of progressive jazz that paints landscapes. Close, damn close to so amazing that Godfrey Reggio could have made Phillip Glass take a back seat for the Qatsi trilogy score, used this and still had a masterpiece. That is some big fucking statement. Considering this is just a collaboration I will stand by that.

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