Friday, August 19, 2011


The 34'th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death a few days ago brought about the grievances of a friend on the real King of Rock and Roll. I can't agree more. In light of this I had to upload this stalwart. Lets twist: To the King of Rock and Roll, to the King of Voyeurism!
Chess Records (one year shy of 50) 1962.

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.......Just Surly said...

Yeah,yeah,yeah the blueprint for rock-n-roll and all the shit but goddamn, I'm far more interested in Mr. Berry's proclivity for pissin',peepin' and guitar cases fulla cocaine than his jams.

Shit, after a few cocktails tonight and totally ignoring the provided mp3s,I fully believe this badass is more of a paladin of rock for his predilection for filth than his guitar playin'

Long live the king (of smut)!!