Monday, August 15, 2011

KURO - Revival Of Death 7"

At some point you may start to believe there is as much mystery surrounding KURO as there is G.I.S.M. Having been bootlegged like they were part of 20's prohibition and their records often coming out years after they were recorded it gets a little confusing with KURO. At least it has been for me. Revival Of Death hits you with two unreleased songs Black Empire and Hell Dive (live). The remainder of the record is a live version No More No and a re-recorded No More No that originally appeared on KURO's Who The Helpless 8" in '84. I hear this record is the result of KURO getting back together in the mid 90's. Not long after this record their singer passed away and that would mark the end for the band. Some people may shrug off KURO over their destructive and violent live performances. I'll let the music do the talking as they tread the line between pummeling noise and fast paced hardcore.
Released by Kings World Records in 1996. Rumored to a limited pressing of 666.


.......Just Surly said...

Welcome back GAYLORD! It's about time you did something with this blog. Now that the MAN has you abstaining from snorting brake kleen and using a freebase torch fueled by mouthwash, you have all the time in world to write about one of your other passions....namely, music.

Nothing to add about this record that wasn't already stated except, black empire was definetely recorded after their classic ('84) stuff and the other are a mixed bag of live tunes.

Kings World records put out a shitload of stuff starting in the late 80's, including some of the classic noisy Jap stuff such as Swankys,Gai and Confuse. Heres a link to a pretty comprehensive discog:

Keep up the good work, handsome....


It's amazing what you can do when Johnny Law takes away all your fun.

I am not as familiar with KURO as I should be, nor Kings World outside of "I think they did a record for such and such a band..." bullshit. I was waiting for one of you encyclopedic Japanese punk fans to come in and rip me a new asshole at some point!

This time I might keep this going for more than few days (jail time pending).

Don't forget I was trying to get you puking in this blog too. Offer still stands. Panic In Hamtramck is starting to get booked up and other shit.