Monday, August 22, 2011

THE CANCER KIDS - Boston Cream 7" single

What little CANCER KIDS songs are out there I hope someday the rest get released. Not even a quarter of the recorded material by CANCER KIDS has been released. These guys are ex-members of BUCKET FULL OF TEETH and one of my favorite fastcore bands. Playing somewhere in the realm of less shows than fingers I have it's not much of a surprise many people aren't familiar with these Massachusetts killers. Years after their 12" release, The Possible Dream, on Youth Attack Records it's still available even at a 700 pressing run. If you're not a dumbass order yourself a copy and check out a sample song from that record.

I have to give credit to Clean Plate Records for being damn ballsy with the Boston Cream release. The most brutal song you may ever hear about donuts clocking a grueling 39 seconds on the A side. The flip is screen printed. Released specifically for a first live show in 5 years and only 150 pressed. You have to really love a band to do a release like that.

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