Thursday, August 18, 2011

STATIC STATIC - Mutations b/w Satanic Speakers 7" single

This California transplant duo serve up their first course on this debut single. Minimalist post/punk/wave/dance combination is the name of the game. STATIC STATIC is John Henry on guitar and vocals and MissMassDestruction working the synthesizer and vocals. They use a drum machine on their records and it somehow works with those heavy rhythm laden songs that in fact may make you want to get up and shake a tail feather. During their live sets they introduce Lesley on drums alongside the drum machine for some extra kick. I don't want you getting scared off thinking these are just some tacky electro pop dance tunes though. The fuzzed out guitar is hard to discern from the synthesizer at times and wails into whirlwind dirges of sound. Add the distorted vocals to what is probably a bedroom recording and the end product is raw enough to keep you from disinterest and rhythmically dance driven in one nice package. STATIC STATIC have crafted their unique notch in the synth punk world without coming across as a SCREAMERS or SUICIDE clone. Two things you can always rely on STATIC STATIC for. 1. Hand silk screened covers of awesome artwork (this record fell a little short in the design department). 2. Pressing stats less than whatever stock you own.
This rip is from the second run on N.P.O. Records with only 150 pressed.
First pressing was done by Babytooth Records. A mere 100 copies. Both presses released in '07.


.......Just Surly said...

For a few years,right around the same time this 7" was released, there seemed to be a small but concentrated stream of what I termed "rough dance" bands that popped up. Although disconnected from each other, bands such as VOLT,SPIDER and a few others including STATIC STATIC seemed to mine the same territory. Heavy, distorted and catchy as all hell.....Dance dance revolution,indeed!

Too bad John Henry and their merch lady got busted for drug possession in Arizona while on tour last year. Supposedly facing some serious time, like 5-15 years. I remember hearing they both ended up getting a year or so in prison. A seriously fucked up situation that effectively ended the band.

If you dig the sounds of this 7", the rest of static stactic records (and volt & spiders for that matter)are definitely worth seeking out.


I didn't hear about those drug charges. That sucks. I would love to see them again.
I never got around to Volt or Spiders. Too bad this all started around the beginning of my eternal unemployment. With a little help from you and what petty cash I had on hand landed me almost all the STATIC STATIC records at least.