Friday, August 26, 2011


There isn't much about the SCREAMERS I can type you couldn't learn with a quick Google search. One time member Paul Roessler was brother to Kira, BLACK FLAG bassist. That will be the interesting factoid for this post. Suffice to say the SCREAMERS are the most influential punk groups and one of the most important to have never been professionally recorded or put out a proper release. I think the closest you get to a proper release is some of the Target Video stuff. It is all bootlegged recordings, live concerts and demos for the SCREAMERS. To get a better understanding of what I mean check a discography of sorts HERE.
This month marking the eleventh anniversary of SCREAMERS front man Tomata du Plenty's passing due to cancer I felt it right to up a bunch of SCREAMERS recordings.
Inside there are 45 songs including the '77-'78 demo sessions recorded by GEZA X, Live At The Masque, Dec. '78 and the rest is a mish mash collection of some of the best recordings from wherever.
1977-1978 DEMOS


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