Monday, August 29, 2011

BORIS vs. STUPID BABIES GO MAD Damaged split 10"

Japanese battle of the bands on vinyl! Actually this is more of a fun project part of the Damaged series. If you haven't been tipped off this is a homage to BLACK FLAG and their Damaged LP. The tribute to Damaged doesn't extend beyond the packaging design. I must admit the packaging on this split is over the top. The sleeve is this transparency type thing that is translucent with the BLACK FLAG bars on it and the 10" is a picture disc that appears to be shattered like the mirror on the cover of Damaged. Before you even put the record on you can't help but take a minute to admire the amazing effort put into making this release look cool as fuck. The addition of a DVD with live footage of both BORIS and STUPID BABIES GO MAD just adds to the perks of this split.
The A side starts with SBGM playing a BORIS cover, Ibitsu. It sounds like they run through the song twice or once and then just take Ibitsu and chop it up doing whatever they want with it. It is hard to tell if this is meant to be 2 tracks or 3. I have split it into to 2 tracks. There is no track listings anywhere so I suppose the SBGM side is still up for debate on what the hell is going on. Despite doing a BORIS cover this still sounds unmistakably like a STUPID BABIES GO MAD original keeping in line SBGM's So. Cal. rock 'n roll hardcore style. What sets this apart for SBGM is this recording is raw and noisy. The vocals are distorted and there is some sort of feedback nearly the entire way through. This nice addition of chaos and noise makes this, if not the most, one of my most favorite STUPID BABIES GO MAD records.
BORIS has the B side doing a cover of Double Vision by SBGM. BORIS adds a thunderous sound compared to the original (surprise, surprise). Starting off slow, gloomy and heavy before picking up into faster punk tempos and finally collapsing into squiggly guitar leads building to a gigantic wall of sound in the end.
1,500 copies pressed by Diwphalanx Records in 2007  <-----refreshed link 8/12

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