Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CRASS - You're Already Dead 7" single

I figure there isn't a whole lot about CRASS anybody could say that hasn't been said already. With their seemingly love/hate relationship with music fans it is undeniable that CRASS is one of the most influential punk bands of all time. I must admit their sheer ineptitude with instruments is great. It allowed them to cultivate their own unique sound. I am not going to get into the same love / hate with their politics in the post. If anybody wants to duke it out on that subject go for it in the comments.

Now you probably wonder why bother making a CRASS post at all. Everyone and their mom has already heard CRASS. Well for starters this presents the songs in their original format. You're Already Dead in it's original format stands out particularly. As best I recall "Nagasaki Is Yesterdays Dog End" only appears on the CD Best Before... 1984 outside of this single. The song is changed for the Best Before CD. So here you get it in it's original form. The last reason I can think of to bother making posts about CRASS is for the layouts of their original vinyl releases. They are all remarkable in one way or another. Sleeves unfold into panel upon panel of their diatribes and manifestos and the awesome artwork of Gee utilizing every imaginable space. I am particularly fond of full on poster sized Gee collages versus the microscopic crap on all the CD's. So there you have it.



Wedge said...

i used to carry around my copy of this record inside my school books in grade school; yeah i was young/amn now old enough to have actually been into CRASS when they were still around and putting out records.Sheep Farming In The Falklands blew my face off when i was 13 years old, this record kicked my ass when it was released, and my not-too-distant-future purchases of Penis Envy, Stations Of The Crass, and the 2 Rudimentary Peni eps kept my young and impressionable mind occupied and entranced...until i experienced the reality of the 'outside world' a year or 2 later, and realized how totally full of S.H.I.T. Crass was from an idealogical standpoint. but, Gawd Damn if their records still dont kick my ass with their raw & primal intensity; still to this day


No joking. So many people find their song writing inept in a bad way. I think they were pretty innovative and in some cases on the avant-garde. Needless to say I can't back up all their ideologies as holding up in the real world but fuck I still love a lot of their songs to this day 17 years after they were revealed to me.


P.S. Wedge did you ever get that email I sent you with an invite to post shit on here, if you have any interest do so?

Wedge said...

i would Love to post stuff here.but never got any email i remember. is your cell still working? text me, Brother.