Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HUMAN EYE - Self Released Tour cd-r

I am sitting here hoping that a fair number of you that follow this blog... wait, does anyone give a shit about this nonsense we post? Yeah, followers or stumblers upon this little upload shop with shitty opinions and stories attached I hope you have at least heard of HUMAN EYE. If you have heard of these freaky humonoids but have yet to really feel the band out don't use this upload as your measuring stick. That would be like reading Cliff's Notes right before the test. This is more for the fanboy company.

In 2008 HUMAN EYE hit the road for a while right around the release time of their second album, Fragments Of The Universe Nurse. Accompanying them on this exploration of time and space was this self released cd-r. It boasts three songs and each cd is hand made so every one is just a little different. Vagobon sounds like they hit the studio for this recording. I haven't heard it anywhere else but this tour cd. Maybe it was a Universe Nurse reject? The very beginning of the song sounds like some They Came From The Sky stuff. That doesn't last long before it just melts into laid back jammy acid tripping experimental no wave. Next up is Serpent Shadow. Probably recorded on a good old 8 track in the basement judging by the sound. Maybe it is just coincidence that They Came From The Sky has song of the same name? Maybe this is the missing link in HUMAN EYE's creative process? All I know is this Serpent Shadow sounds nothing like the one on the album. The only common ground I can find between the two Serpent Shadows is maybe a few lyrics out of this demo version transferred to the LP song. The last number is Universe Nurse recorded live in Denmark. Excellent sound for a live recording. Has a nice HUMAN EYE "freak out" for a few minutes before they break into the song.

It's too bad they only made 50 of these suckers. Maybe they underestimated the supply and demand? If you managed to get your tentacles on one of these it is no doubt a cool release to have for the HUMAN EYE addict. Besides who doesn't like a cd jewel case held shut with duct tape.



Wedge said...

i also have one of these. they gave them away at one of the first Horrible Fest's in Clevo. mine was all scratched-up from the hand-painted case it was in being semi-destroyed en route from the show to my home, and i could never get it to play. its in a dusty/darkly forgotten shoebox somewhere since. thanks for the post so now i can finally hear the damn thing.


Up next I got the newest tour cd "Poison Frog People". Has a ton of demo tracks on it and shit. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot for uploading, i already discover this band after red a review on "ondarock"