Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MAINSPRING - August 23 1994 - April 5 1996

I shared this with a friend this morning. So while the fucking download is up I may as well post it here.

I often feel that after the birth of emo and all that revolution summer stuff Detroit had an awesome and progressive emo/screamo scene through the 90's. Maybe one of the best. With all those closet dust collecting 7"s in every town anywhere who knows. This is a fucking weird ass time for emo or whatever and I just know that I was hearing a lot of play off the original bands going in all directions in most reaches of the dirty mitten (michigan).

I could post something more aggressive or screamo like Jihad or some shit (their split with ottawa was reissued recently. Get that shit. ottawa kills on that record.) I could up something more avant garde and experimental like Constatine Sankathi. But I fucking ain't doing it today.

I've been up for far too long doing far too much stuff so this is plain and simple MAINSPRINGs discography as far as I know with some live tracks. Thank you Cass Records.

Fucking, whatever...

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