Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ABUSE - Mordare 7" ep

This is some straight up, good 'ole face pounding raw noisy d-beat hailing from Sweden. The Mordare ep probably isn't going to make your top 20 raw hardcore records of all time list. Bands like this are a dime a dozen but this 7" ranks up there in that "Check this dollar bin destroyer I found!!!!!!!" category.

Naturally ABUSE has that unique Swedish raw d-beat sound going on. There are a few things that are atypical in ABUSE's sound. The guitars are more fuzzed out and noisy than a lot of your other favorite Swedes. Think ANTI-CIMEX Anarkist Attack. They also went to the other end of the spectrum for vocals. They ditch the deeper, guttural vocal and singer Zambone sounds more like Bob from DROPDEAD. Actually they sound identical.

Not to worry all the studs off your leather jacket yet. There is still enough MOTORHEAD inspired rocking d-beat to make you slosh more of that beer in your hand on the floor and your fellow punx than down your gullet as you mosh around like a drunk punk should. I could have skipped all this shitty writing and just said if you like CRUDITY then this is right up your alley. Why not be a pain in the ass though? Even though ABUSE is long gone somebody in the band still keeps an updated Myspace and Facebook page for the band if you care.

Mordare was released by Ben's pre-Armageddon label Crust Records in 1996.


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