Saturday, October 19, 2013

FUNERAL ORATION - Demo 7/31/1982

A little chitter chatter about Funeral Oration tonight got me sharing this with some friends.  I don't recall how I came into possession of these tracks, but they are supposedly a demo from 1982.  That pre-dates all Funeral Oration recordings I know of, including their "There's Nothing Left To Laugh About" cassette which came in 1983(?).  These tracks are raw as hell, like a demo should be and surely are my personal favorite stuff from Funeral Oration.  Aside from sounding like a demo, all of the 8 songs therein appear on Nothing Left To Laugh so it looks pretty plausible that this is a demo from around '82.
For the uninitiated, if you love raw punk and also have a soft spot for melody these boys from Holland will take your cake and smash it too.  Not credited enough in my opinion.  Innovative for sure.  Like a blitzkrieg that doesn't change full speed ahead pace for ANY obstacle, the songs are bare bones, fast chord progressions on a 1/1 beat relentlessly... which is fine and dandy in itself.  The shocker comes with vocals.  If there is any melody in a Funeral Oration song it will be solely in the vocals, and it is flaunted.  Don't fret, he can't "sing" for shit.  It's still raw and gross and punk! yet lovely in a way.  The screams completely cover of a narrow pitch range and break into amazing syncopation, flying in a place above the music, almost a song all their own.  "Unique" is the optimal adjective.  As I said earlier tonight "Ugh it's so good!".

FUNERAL ORATION - Demo 7/31/1982

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Ryan said...

Woah... I can't believe this demo exists. Thank you so much for posting it! I'll share it around as much as I can.