Thursday, April 11, 2013

UPSTAB - Stabbing The Church e.p.

"That record blows" is the official review of Stabbing The Church from Upstab vocalist/provocateur Chris Erba.  I am willing to bet 95% of everything in the world "blows" to Upstab.  The only hope for the band is landing on a quasi nihilistic philosophy.  They care just enough to antagonize, break shit and be a general thorn in the side of whoever they can.  In Cleveland punk this is keeping up with the Joneses.  If you aren't familiar with the pedigree of jerks this band is a part of, their shenanigans would likely be shocking and send you off like an angry mother whose child just had the crap kicked out of them by the older kid down the street.  Or it would send you home crying and fearful like the kid that got the crap kicked out of him.  Knives, bottles and cleavers turned on the crowd isn't unheard of.  What showmanship!  What is this pedigree of loving souls?  The same old incestuous retard punks in Cleveland.  The men behind the curtain of Windpipe, h100s, No Peace, Ruiners, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Wetbrain, I think Puncture Wound and 9 Shocks are in the mix too. Everybody has their chocolate in somebodies peanut butter.
    Stabbing The Church is Upstab's first release and it's a bootleg.  Rumors abound about it's origin.  One part of the story that holds true is these songs were taken from Upstab's demo they had been sending out to clubs.  Some say Upstab bootlegged their own record.  Great way to get people blabbing about your band.  The second story I have heard is that somebody came to an Upstab show and set a box full of Stabbing The Church e.p.s on the stage, proclaimed they 'know nothing about this' then walked off.  A third story is a box of 100 copies were mailed to drummer, Marcus, work.  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?

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Shaun Filley said...

there's a slight thing of a complimentary prank in Cleveland to bootleg a bands recording when someone thinks that the band will fizzle out before they end up doing a record. nobody thought Upstab would ever get around to doing an actual ep, so someone in the fold (not in the band, they were too broke to even rent a movie) made it happen! they did a recording in the drummer's dad's home studio, gave it to pals and a box of ep's ended up being dropped on the stage at one of their shows. the second studio trip they made resulted in two other ep's and an unreleased Devo cover. same thing happened to the Bad Noids.. their 1st ep was a "bootleg".