Monday, May 28, 2012

NETJAJEV SS - Self Titled 7" ep

There was already a history of super charged hardcore from brain child Magnus Lundberg's one man project, Netjajev SS before this ep.  A few too many days alone in a room composing this Rupture esque music started to affect Lundberg's mind I would guess.  NSS was already pretty twisted, but this... this sounds like solitary infused insanity.  Midwestern and rupture style hardcore joined forces with synthesizer injections and samples taking you from Egypt to outer space and back to earth to a mind in it's own little creepazoid world.  Proof positive that you can do something new and fresh with hardcore that is disturbingly gripping.  I just hope I tracked the B side correctly.  It sounds like four songs and even trying to follow the bouncing ball with the lyric sheet I couldn't discern where songs begin and end.

This is an updated vinyl rip that sounds a little better.

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johnny. said...

magnus is god , thanks for upload!