Thursday, February 14, 2008

YAH MOS - Off Your Parents 7" ep

The second release by YAH MOS, sounds like they are barely hanging on at times. Sloppy ass punk, much less polished than their first record. This is the most straight forward punk sound they produced yet still maintains that jazzy/funk groove they were known for. Much akin to Nation Of Ulysses without that pretentious hipster feel to it. They have even been referred to as a blue collar, low rent version of N.O.U., brilliant! Surley people are more familiar with the post YAH MOS band !!!, but this rages way over that Chik Chik Chik shit. Story goes that drug abuse and mental illness kept this Sacramento punk juggernaut down. At least they left this slab of wax around for the history books. Unquestionably one my favorite and most overlooked records of the early 90's. Released by Recess Records in 1994 and soon after repressed by Moo-La-La.

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